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"Thank you for the lovely welcome, your house is beautiful and comfortable. We felt very welcome" U.S.A.
"Thank you for our stay. No noise. We slept like 2 babies." France
"Thank you for a relaxing stay. Much appreciated after a long walk. Many thanks for the warm welcome." England
"Thank you very much for your nice welcome and a pleasent evening with you" France
"Your house is very welcoming and cosy" Belgium
"Great kindness for you to let me linger while waiting for my ankle to heal" Switzerland
"Thank you for your welcome. Great food and wonderful room." Canada
"Good food, great room, good people. Thank you so much." Japan
"Best sleep, hospitality, food. Thank you so much." England
"Thanks Jon and Pearl for your company. Good breakfast, lovely place to stay. " South Africa
"It's been a wonderful stay on my journey to St Jean Pied de Port. Thank you for your hospitality and warmth, you are both adorable." Switzerland
"Thank you for your hospitality and welcome, it was much appreciated." Germany
"Thank you for a nice stay with you and delicious food." France/England
"Thank you for a wondeful stay in your little village." Australia
"Thank you so much for this moment in your home." France
"Thank you for "A" company and conversation." U.S.A.
"Thank you very much for the room and great dinner." Germany
"Thank you for your flexibility and hospitality. Good food. Nice stay in your home." Netherlands
"Thank you for everything, it was amazing." Quebec


"This was all perfect" France
"Beautiful House and St Antoine" Germany
"Thank you for a nice dinner and stay" Italy
"Thank you for your warm welcome and stay..." France
"Thank you again for this lovely place. having stayed 4 years ago" Germany
"Thank you for your warm welcome And pretty home" Scotland
"Thank you for sharing your lovely home and selves" U.S.A.
"God bless you for your wonderful hospitality" Austria
"I enjoyed staying in your little gite, and meeting the other people" Japan
"It was a great pleasure to stay and meet you both" France
"Wonderful!" Ireland
"Beautiful house fantastic breakfast" Norway
"Fantastic stay and people" New Zealand
"Beautiful Chambre d hote" South korea
"Super home, sweet bedroom, my family will require this breakfast everyday" France
"Many thanks for everything" Suisse
"Nice stay thank you" Reunion Island
"Having stayed before wonderfull hospitality" Australia
"Joyful stay" South Korea
"Very comfortable warm welcome" England
"Wonderful stay in lovely house, great hosts" U.S.A.
"I was born in Bethlehem Nice stay" France
"Excellent!" Belgium


"Thank you for your wonderful hospitality, good breakfast" Germany
"Almost 2 years later to the day, enjoying your wonderful hospitality" U.K.
"Wonderful !" U.S.A.
"My best stay so far" Norway
"Very warm welcome in a charming house" Canada
"Superbe chambre d'hote, wonderful host" France
"Lovely welcome, very comfortable room..." U.K.
"Wonderful place and people" South Korea
"...wonderful hosts, nice, cool, friendly, I'm enthousiastic !" France
"Reccomended in Australia !" Australia
"Thank you for a wonderful diner, very enjoyable stay" Germany
"Lovely place, lovely people" France
"Thank you for a very enjoyable stay" Canada
"Thank you for your wonderful hospitality, good breakfast" Koln
"It was a pleasure, abd beautiful stay" Lebanon
"Good Hospitality and hosts" Australia
"Beautiful cozy, and clean, nice people" France
"Lovely, beautiful Village, very warm welcome" U.K.


"Thank you so much, we are like in our own home" Spain

"Merci pour l'accueil et votre gentillesse" France
"Thank you again, second visit" Australia
"Thanks for everything, enjoyed watching the football with you, vive le blues on sunday" France
"Thank you for everything, perfect" Japan
"Thank you for the Ritz experience" Belgium
"After a long day, good welcome, quet and cozy night, fantastic breakfast" Austria
"Wonderful stay" Japan
"Nice to be in Great Britain" France
"Great friendly stop, good breakfast" Canada
"Many thanks for your kindness and quality of the accomodation" Switzerland


"wonderful house and beautiful home" Australia
"very good bed and nice people too. A great moment !" France
"très bonne nuit et beaucoup de calme. Très cozy !" France
"merci pour l'accueil chaleureux. Très bon petit déjeuner" France
"thank you very much, it's nice to be here and spend a wonderful night" China


"you have made a wonderful chambre d'hotes"
"une etape ideale sur le chemin"
"accueil super et tres jolie maison"
"excellent petit dejeuner"
"tres jolies chambres et excellent accueil"
"the place where we hope to come back"
"best stay since starting in Le Puy"


Thank you for your nice hospitality. We appreciated to be with you in your beautiful house. France
Merci pour cet accueil. France
It was nice to stay with you in your beautiful house. Austria
Thank you for giving me shelter and a good breakfast. Sigmund, Germany
Thank you for a warm welcome... Alain, Québec
House very cosy. See you soon. M deVillepin, France
Thank you. Your chambre d'hote is very comfortable. Warm hospitality. Mr Power, USA
Thanks for the breakfast. Lovely room, very quiet. M Mennier, France
Thank you for your kindness. Akiyama, Japan
Wonderful room, splendid breakfast. Stokes, Netherlands
Perfect and marvelous hosts. We will come back. M Boraet, France

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